Thursday, November 11, 2010


That is, What Would Paula Deen do?
I've never been the biggest fan of Paula's food, if only because her food hinges on the fact that it's your down-home Southern cookin' with no g. And cookin' includes copious amounts of butter, eggs, lard, cheese, cream, and anything else that's probably terrible for you, obviously not vegan/vegetarian, and delicious enough that suddenly selling your soul for that last piece of pie doesn't seem like such a horrible trade off. To whit, my grandfather is convinced Paula Deen is trying to personally kill him in a slow, methodical manner with her delicious down home cookin'. This might be true for all of us, but at least the road to our deaths will be littered with apple fritters, cheesy casseroles, and deep-fried everything you could ever want! Woooo!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I beginded a Tumblr!

Hello friends! I have created a sister blog on Tumblr called "Knit it and Quit it" that details different knitting and craft projects that I'm working on. If you're curious about my non-baking activities, head on over!
And more baking soon...with pictures from MY NEW CAMERA!! :)